Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wreck It Wednesday/First Day Volunteering

  Today is Wreck It Wednesday! Happy Wednesday!! I have been super excited about showing you guys these pictures so here we go! 

I didn't want to put food on the book so I splashed some tea on it and painted with some water colors and the tea.

         Also have this great funnel that totally FAILED. It just deteriorated

                       As you can see I 'tongue painted' with a blue raspberry Ring Pop.

I water colored this cute little tree and cut off half of it I burried half of it in a flower bed them stuck it back in after taping it up.

To edition to the many other photos I will show you two more! 
Guess where I went? Guess? Have you guessed? Wrong/right? 

Yup, I went to Paradise Ranch this was my fist time volunteering and it was awesome. We walked in a indoor arena it is basic a huge warehouse that had red barn wood on the outside so make it look more barnish, I got my Mom to take a picture of me by the sign that I think is super awesome. 
I met the girl that I will be side-walking yesterday me and Mom walk of both sides of the horse and hold onto a belt around the girls waist to keep her on the horse. 

                  Me and Mom had some dirty dirt boots the arena has a huge area of dirt/sand/dust stuff that they had wet down for the convenience of the leaders, horses and side-walkers. So it was all sticking to the boots. 

Oh I almost forgot, the verse of the day! Romans 15:13

     Until later!!!


  1. Sure do enjoy your wreck it wednesday. Iyt is great to see your volunteering photos. Congrats on doing that. You are making a huge difference in the life of someone who needs it. Keep up the encouraging work. Love your daily Bible verses. Love and many hugs, Patty

    1. Thanks Miss Patty! It was so sweet the girl I am side walking for has a twin with the same disability, their horses where across the arena but he yells to her " Z, Z, (Z's her nickname) I love you so much, Z!" She can't talk well over a whisper, but she still called over to him "I love you too!" I think that was the most precious thing that I have ever seen! Or heard!