Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Felt Strawberries

It's Wednesday again and I decided to make a little felt strawberry. 

You will need:

Big eyed embroidery needles 

Lime green and red embroidery floss


Red and green felt 


                                                   Draw a large letter D onto the red felt.

                                                                             Cut it out.

It should look something like this

Fold it like this and trim any excess felt

Pin the corner 

Thread a embroidery need with the red floss and whip stitch it 

(How to whip stitch

                                        When you have whip stitched the side remove the pin

Then turn inside out

       Thread needle with green thread.

Make large stitches this will represent the  seeds of the strawberry.

This is what the row of stitched will look like repeat till all of the strawberry has these on it.

 Fill it with the stuffing 

Now we need to close the opening in the strawberry. 
  Repeat making crosses and pulling hard after every stitch.

it will pucker and look like this.

Cut out a circle of felt it doesn't have to be perfect .

cut triangles out of it till it looks like this 

sew it on.

It's finished I will use it all a pin cushion but you can do plenty of other things with it. 

My cat was not thrilled with it as you can tell... :)

Until later!


  1. Great Job Autumn! I love the strawberry pin cushion. It brings back good memories of my moms strawberry pin cushion and the cute dresses she would sew for me and Aunt Steph.

  2. I love your strawberry pincushion!!!!! You done such a great job on your tutorial! It looks just like the one I have. You rock!!!!! hugs, Patty (Hi Angela!)